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Use a virtual machine if it's a computer virus, and never open them on your physical machine. As a pre-caution, download them on your VM.

If it's a APK file, use a APK Emulator.

More information on Virtual Machines (VM)
More information on APK Emulators


Competition #1

This Competition will be to create any Python script/code, the winner will have their code posted on this website for people to look at.

To submit your code, please go to the CodingHome Discord Server.

TIP - Least installation requirements or least amount of code may have a greater chance of winning

Competition by AT Products LLC

Viruses & Malware

Meme_Coin (ZIP) Meme_Coin (EXE) My_App (ZIP) Myballzhert (ZIP) by Dream3456789

Password: "mysubsarethebest" (

Trojan_Spyer (EXE) by MagSam2

Nuking Discord Bot (ZIP) Scam (ZIP) by the pfp is for nuking kpopserver

BFF_DoS (exe) Code (TXT) Baby (BAT) BabyCodes (TXT) by Corrupt Assassin

Apps & Software

SMS Bomb (APK) by CodingLive

Python Basics

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HTML Basics

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CSS Basics

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JavaScript Basics

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